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Everyone, we just want to note a couple major bugs we are aware of at the moment, as they are very common and as such we are getting a lot of reports about them.

*Say tts: This system is getting slowly replaced with cloud tts instead of sapi for several reasons. At some point in probably the slightly distant future I can see if somehow I can make both work, but I don't want to make any promises there. At any rate, the fact that it doesn't work now is not a bug.

*bikes: We are aware that several keys (particularly those with shift or the camera) stop working while on the bike. We will be resolving this with a better key hooking method within a few days. As for bikes and stamina, the staff will discuss some things. Generally the idea with this bike is to find the balance between speed and stamina loss (for example by only pressing up arrow a couple of times a second instead of spamming it) and so we need to determine how much of this is from the slightly more difficult learning curve of the new bike verses how much actually needs changing, however we have a skill system for example, so we could think about having a skill to make bike riding more efficient possibly, or maybe we just need to make the documentation more clear etc. At any rate, we are aware of those particular issues and are working to resolve them, as well as the issues regarding biking while watching someone.

If the bike acts strange in any other way of course please continue to report it, however there is no need to report the things mentioned here as bugs anymore as we already know of them now. Thank you everybody!

Alert, the Survive the Wild store is now online and can be used! I'd like to thank everybody for your support during this time, especially while the game is in this state. Encase you missed it, stripe is now supported as a new payment method as well! Keep in mind that any credits you purchase now will not be lost after the end of public beta.

Please note: object serialization/saving is disabled probably until the main server starts back up. Please do not submit bug reports about falling from trees after a restart, and/or hammocks disappearing. Thank you.

Also, in case interacting knives with animals doesn't work, wait until the server restarts to try again. If it still doesn't work, feel free to report it.

Welcome to the Survive The Wild Public beta! After several months of intense work, the entire game staff is proud to present version 0.99.6 From a redesigned interface, to expanded game capabilities and new systems, we've tryed to pack it all within this new version. Do not hesitate to open a bug report if something isn't working propperly,open a suggestion if you have a suggestion for the game to improve, and use tickets to get game staff help...

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