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This game uses a system called "accounts". Each player is allowed to own one account, and it will be the first thing you create upon entering the game.

Your account is a hub of sorts. It keeps all your characters linked up. This has a multitude of benefits.

Each player's account can store up to 3 free characters, as well as an unlimited number of paid ones.

Some important things to note about your account are:

*Proceeding any credit purchases, you may divide your credits up between your different characters in any way you like, and they will never be deleted or purged if you would rather save them for later.

Even characters created after credit purchases can also take advantage of your credits.

*Your account is where your support tickets are stored.

Because of this, you can access them on any of your characters, no matter who created the tickets.

*Your account is also home to your account history. This includes password changes, renames, logs of credit purchases, and messages from game staff, as well as other information. This information can be viewed by any character in your account, as well as by game staff, making sure anything which may go wrong can be set right. The entries in your account history are permanently stored there, and will not be deleted or purged in most cases.

Usually, punishments such as bans and in-game jail time are account-wide. This means that all your characters will be affected by these changes. However, others, such as item and stat deduction/modification, are usually not global.

These sorts of punishments will also be written to your account history, so that you know (if applicable) what has happened, why, and when/until when.

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