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As with any account you create online, it is important to keep your Survive the Wild account and the characters it contains secure!

First, obviously, if someone gains unlawful access to your account, they could cause all sorts of disasters for you; from killing your characters and taking their items, to trying to collect personal info stored in your account, to any number of other nefarious or malicious activities.

Furthermore, on Survive the Wild we do not allow account sharing, and because of this, breaches in a player's account or character security tend to be both difficult to prove and annoying to solve. For this reason, we strongly advise that everyone pay heed to the account and character security considerations described in this topic.

The basics:

*Choose a strong password, in particular one that is not similar to your username and most importantly one that you do not use anywhere else: we recommend using numbers, symbols, and a mix of lowercase and capital letters to make a strong password,

*Do not allow your account and character passwords to be the same thing, particularly when enabling the account security lock,

*Consider setting an account codeword encase you lose access to the email address associated with your account (it shouldn't be secure as a password and should be something you can remember),

*Do not create your account with an email address that can be accessed by more than yourself,

*Only allow the game to remember your account login if you are the only person who uses your device,

*And of course never share your password with anybody, even if you trust them!

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