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Welcome to Survive the Wild.

What is Survive the Wild?

Survive the Wild is an expansive open-world experience that puts you against the forces of nature and other players in an adventure that will determine whether you will be able to Survive.

This documentation file will cover the vast majority if not all aspects of this game's commands and features. We hope that by reading it that you will gain further understanding on all of the associated commands that make up this vast title.

Overall, before we start, we would like to thank you for playing Survive the Wild and hope that you enjoy the world.

System Requirements

This is best run using Windows 10 or Windows 11. You will need a reliable sound card and a computer with at least an i3 processor with 2 gigabytes of Ram at the minimum.

This game is best played with a set of headphones in order to achieve the optimal experience.


You may download the game using the Samtupy website on your web browser. Please download and save the setup file to wherever you wish and install it using the prompts provided. Please make sure to read any licensing, rule, and other agreements before installation of this title.

Game Start-Up

Please run the stw.exe file in order to run the game for the first time after install. It will ask you for your language the very first time so please choose from the list your required language and the game will localize to your specific language once chosen.

Make sure that you create an account once you enter the main menu of the game and follow the instructions provided such as username, password, and email address which must all be provided before you can play the game.

If you have an existing account, there is an option once logged into your account to import your existing characters. You will find this once you have logged into your account, and you can import your characters by choosing the appropriate option and following the provided prompts for information.

Options menu

The options menu is full of different categories from which you may configure your personal settings. Such settings include the choice of screen-reader, the behind pitch decrease for tracked objects including moving objects, etc. You may further configure the settings to comply with your preferred method of gameplay using the options menu so make sure to have a look before you start playing the game.

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