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inventory gestures; topic containing about 198 words

game keyboard area:

*i: open inventory.

*control+i: items on person.

*1/2: select the item in your left or right hand.

*3: check what items are in your hands and what item you are currently using.

*grave accent (back quote): get item info.

*space: use selected item.

*alt space: alternately use selected item.

*t: combine the 2 items in your hands.

*alt t: alternately combine the 2 items in your hands.

inventory screen:

*First letter navigation: focuses the item with starting name.

*up/down arrows: move between items.

*home/end: move to first or last item respectively.

*left/right arrows: place the item in your left or right hand respectively.

*enter: read item description.

*delete/backspace: drop item.

*space: give item to a player. Players must be 5 tiles or less away from you.

*grave accent (back quote): get item info.

*escape: close inventory.

*alt plus up/down: move item up or down.

*alt plus home/end: move item to the top or bottom.

*tab/shift tab: cycle through supported categories.

*control plus grave accent; 1 through 0; dash; equals; (add shift for more): jump to a specific category.

*alt space: temporarily sort normally, alphabetically, or by item quantities. All criteria support ascending and descending order.

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