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UI shortcut gestures; topic containing about 113 words

main screen:

*alt+g: game keyboard area

*alt+n: nearby menu

*alt+o: options list

*alt+p: online players list

*alt+c: conversations list

*alt+h: currently selected conversation message history list

*alt+m: currently selected conversation message edit box

game keyboard area:

*control+shift+l: game language menu

*control+h: help documentation library

*control+shift+h: search the help documentation library

*control+q: quests menu

*control+shift+m: mutes menu

*control+t: trusts menu

*control+m: world map table

*control+c: character and account menu

*control+p: stw points store

*control+s: stw credits store

*control+a: pk arenas menu

*control+shift+g: allow yourself to be added to a group chat

*control+shift+a: announcements menu

*control+shift+s: support and contact menu

settings dialog:

*alt+l: play logo on startup

*alt+v: visual mode

*alt+t: change tts settings

*alt+y: change say tts settings

*alt+a: edit aliases

*alt+i: screen reader interrupt

*alt+u: change audio devices

*alt+l: message logging; this shortcut is broken

*alt+x: confirmation to exit

*alt+3: 3d sound

*alt+b: braille output

*alt+s: save settings

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