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These are items that you should have on you at all times or are highly recommended, each one will help you with an essential task. A few payed items will also be suggested.


*pot: these hold 10 water each. Creating 20 should be enough to get you started and last for awhile. Don't forget you have your water bottle and possibly some cups.

*paper fan: cool down in hot areas. Hot weather is one of the most common causes for death in this world.

*radio: used for communicating with those nearby. Don't spam public chat with questions that should be directed to people within your area.

*knife: this tool is used in many item recipes and preparing animals for consumption. You need a stone to sharpen it. It also serves as a melee or ranged weapon.

*hammer: this tool is used in many item recipes. It also serves as a melee weapon.

*axe: create casts and cut down trees. If you get stranded with broken bones and no one is around to help, you need casts on your person. The axe also cuts down trees faster than the small handsaw, and serves as a melee weapon.

*casts and other medical items: used for healing broken bones. If you break bones and do not have the supplies to heal them, your only hope is asking someone to come help you.

*wood: create fires or many carvable items. Always have at least 10 so you can make a wood tile. This will allow you to gain more wood even if there is no wood around you. It also serves as a melee weapon.

*flint: create fires. It only takes one flint against your knife to have a roaring fire from a wood tile. You can use the same piece of flint for unlimited fires.

*glue: needed for many wood working constructions.

*spit: this is used for cooking food; it is much faster than using your hand.

highly recommended:

*compass: find your angle. There are other ways to orientate yourself, but using a compass is the fastest and most accurate.

*hammock: unlimited use recovery. Sleeping pills are a one time use, and waiting for your character to sleep naturally takes a long time. A hammock is extremely useful when you are healing broken bones.

*band aid: immediately increase health a small percentage to keep you alive in dangerous areas. You will need a lot of them even from just one injury.

*towel: prevent getting sick. Being too dirty for too long can cause your character to get sick. If there is no water source nearby, this can clean you. Towels can also get dirty, so carry a few extras.

*antibiotic: cure sickness a lot faster than waiting it out naturally. It saves a lot of food and water.

*bike; boat/paddle: travel faster, and travel across the deep ocean. Bikes have several advantages, and using a boat with a paddle can give you new places to explore.

*skillet: cook 10 pieces of food at once!

*net: catch multiple fish at once with less effort than using a fishing pole.

*cool clothing: use your paper fan and ice less. There aren't many articles of clothing that cool you down, but they are definitely worth finding!

*warm/padded clothing: lower the impact of injuries, and travel comfortably in very cold areas. Watch your temperature and thirst when wearing this type of clothing.

*ice: cool down in hot areas. Much faster than using the paper fan, use in emergencies and when wearing warm clothing as it is a one time use.

*shield: this shield will take a few hits, giving you a bit of extra time to prepare yourself for fighting or running away. Be warned, some attacks are powerful enough to break it in one hit.

*m12(02, 04) shotgun: kill animals an players much faster than other ranged weapons. It doesn't hold many bullets, but definitely packs a powerful punch.

suggested payed items:

*air necklace: unlimited underwater air supply. This is useful in some situations where you need to spend a lot of time underwater traveling between areas.

*wooden shelter: protects you from danger. Place this in a dangerous area where you need a place to recouperate. Animals can not destroy it.

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