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Thank you for your interest in translating Survive the Wild into another language! When you do this, the things you do for me and the game are by extension huge, so seriously thank you so much for your interest in undertaking this massive project!

The translation engine in the game is entirely serverside and dynamic. You can translate strings with dynamic content in them, you can rerun bits of dynamic content through the translator, and the best part is that you can update your translation data instantly for all players using your translation and all they have to do to update their translation is... absolutely NOTHING! Players don't even need to do so much as log out of the game, translation strings will be pushed to new players the second you want them to be! If you are a team, you can even add editors to your language giving them permissions to modify the language data, and you can all seemlessly work together!

I have tried to make the translation engine as easy to use as possible, and the nature of new game components makes it easy for us to update the system at any time if needed. In this document, we'll first talk about the language user interface, and following that, a reference to the translation sintax.

Thank you again for your interest in translating. I can't express how much a good and complete translation does for me personally as the developer and for the game itself. You help enable everything from me being able to live independantly to the game getting better sound effects and staying online to helping me get good equipment to continue coding the game and more, of course because of the most basic and important help of allowing more people to access and play the game! Really, thank you!

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