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The world map table allows you to see all the places in the world and track the locations you have already visited.

As you walk around the world, new locations will be unlocked on the table for you to view. If you have a teleporter, you can unlock the ability to travel to each area you discover.

Press control m in the keyboard area to access the world map, or find it in the main screen options list.

Depending on where you are in the table, certain actions may be available.

*c: check grid coordinates.

*space: read area description.

*enter: start/stop tracking area.

There are different indicators in the table that tell you what you are focused on and what actions you can perform.

*oceans (indicated by a wet sound): you can only check grid coordinates. These maps are not unlockable.

*areas you have not yet visited (indicated by a beep): you can only check grid coordinates.

*areas you have visited (indicated by speaking the area name): you can check grid coordinates, read its description, and track the area.

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